A New Platform for Remote Student Opportunities

A New Platform for Remote Student Opportunities

It has recently come to my attention that www.mylittlejob.com advertises to offer in a ‘Freelancing as a Service for Enterprises’ way: the next services — and, therefor, openings for:

  • Content Creation;
  • Transcription;
  • Graphic Design;
  • Programming;
  • Translation;
  • Survey;
  • Research;
  • Data Transformation;
  • Other.

Sidney Hong approached us saying that ‘Students can sign up on the website, but I’m also looking for student leaders on campus to help collaborate with’.

While, we can’t vouch for the platform or it’s payment fees (it is said to be ‘a platform where you can earn $1,850 a month working on tasks from companies such as Hyperloop One, eBay, MyPostcard’), we do invite you to take a look or give us a feedback in a comment below, if you already have experience with the platform.

After all, for all our followers and future followers looking for a remote job — we can never have too many options for, right?

Good luck,

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Originally published at www.remotetelecommutejobs.com on March 31, 2018.

Author: Pawan Kumar

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