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Ways To Increase Your Medical Practice Revenue

Once you’ve got systematically maintained an efficient workflow, you’ll begin to look at ways that boost your practice revenue. However, this can prove to be challenging when dealing with the everyday operations of your business. As a healthcare supplier, you treat varied patients daily which can exclude from maintaining with vital business aspects. so as to induce a far better plan of what you may have to be compelled to do, browse the five…

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Human meets computer… the rest is history

Artificial intelligence is a polarizing topic… One that can conjure images of a dark computer overlord, outsmarting inferior humans and taking over the world. But for most of us building, designing, and working with automation, I would venture to say that the elimination of human labor isn’t the goal… quite the opposite, actually. The truth is humans were made better by computers: smarter, faster, more efficient. The opposite is true, too. Humans are necessary…

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Creaghan Harry — Improving Performance At A Call Centre

Customer service call centers find it shudder some regarding the backfire from the clients and yet, it is quite common across world-wide call-centers. Disappointed customers choose to do business with the opponent due to the lack of an offer from the promised after-sales service. Breaking the trust of the customers creates a cheaper perception of the company and consecutive reduced chances of business. Creaghan Harry says that Reduction in costs and removal of corners…

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Why Cyber-Security Is Critical to The Loyalty of Your Most Valued Customers

by Anna Convery-PelletierThe recent data breaches against Panera Bread, Delta Airlines and Sears, and Saks and Lord & Taylor highlight a lot: the need for improved web application and Internet security processes, better accountability, and enhanced crisis management. But perhaps more than anything, it highlights why cyber-security is critical to securing the loyalty of your organization’s most valued customers.In today’s digitally-driven, customer-centric world where consumers own the relationship, businesses invest large sums of political…

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Dealing with Negative feedback & Customer Expectations

Being a creative, I thrive on chaos and emotions… and like most of you: I’m very attached to my work.Reflect #2Apart from routine-design projects, I also build email templates for marketing campaigns and transactional notifications. To give you some background, I started as an author on the Envato Market back in 2010, not a full-time job, but still it gave me the freedom to really submerge into other important projects. Some, spanning over many years…

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