Chris: the Second Live Stream

Chris: the Second Live Stream

We installed Chris in a car in a vintage garage in Berlin and demonstrated some key applications. Here’s what happened.

As we make progress with Chris, we’re committed to keeping you in the loop about what we’re developing. We’ve made some important leaps recently, so we put Patrick and Holger in an extremely cold vintage car garage in Berlin with a Chris and streamed what happened live to Facebook.

What we showed you:

Chris sends messages by dictation.

When you’re driving and want to reply to or send a message, Chris can now recognize your voice, convert your words to text, and send it to contacts in your phone. Here, Patrick and Holger send each other messages via Chris.

Installing Chris — it’s this easy

Here, Patrick shows you how Chris fits into your car and how it can be fitted with minimum distraction.

Chris plays music — Bluetooth and FM

Patrick plays some music through the car stereo, and shows how you can use gestures to choose songs. Chris can play music from your phone through Bluetooth, but if you don’t have Bluetooth that’s not a problem. Patrick shows you how to hook up Chris to your radio through an FM connection.

We also addressed some of your questions. Here’s what you asked:

Q: Does Chris require a companion app and phone?

Yes, you must have a phone with the free Chris app installed in order to use Chris. We will regularly update the Chris app with new features.

Q: Does Chris work with Whatsapp and SMS?

Yes, Chris works with both Whatsapp and SMS.

Q: Does Chris have a built-in battery?

Yes. Chris’s battery lasts for an hour, but we suggest keeping Chris plugged in to the charger when possible.

Q: Will Chris has an iOS and an Android app?

Yes, Chris will have an app for both platforms.

Do you have any further questions? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch on Twitter or Facebook, or leave us a comment on this blog.

Sam Diamond is responsible for Social and Story at German Autolabs.

He likes football, reading and running, and is passionate about making driving smarter.

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