Demoing an app at Venmo/PayPal HQ

Demoing an app at Venmo/PayPal HQ

Seven months ago, I barely knew how to code. Earlier this week, I demo’d an iOS app with my team at Venmo/Paypal HQ.

Team Impact (I’m the girl with the glasses)

It’s been an amazing journey.

None of it would have been possible without C4Q. Using the skills we’ve learned over the past six months. Team Impact( Lisa Jiang, Luis Calle, Richard Crichlow, Creative Fleurish Coder) built WYD in four weeks.

WYD(What You Doing?) is an iOS app that allows you to plan an event in seconds without using other apps.

WYD was created to solve a problem. Making plans with friends and family is difficult. Everyone’s busy so it can be difficult to remember specific dates, times and addresses. Typically when planning a get together, about four different apps are used. A calendar app, a map app, a group chat app and a search app to search for information on the place.

Our one app — WYD is the solution. The purpose of our app is to make the entire process of planning an event easy because getting together with loved ones should not be stressful.

We addressed four core road blocks when planning an event:

  1. Clear date, time, location of the event so your friends don’t ask 10x where/when the event is
  2. Location service that gives you directions to the place so there’s no need to navigate to a map app
  3. Group chat functionality so you can chat with all event members without having to leave the app to group message them with a separate app
  4. Search functionality for quick research on where to meet/eat from within WYD without having to exit the app to search for a place

Plan an Event in Seconds — Make Memories for a Lifetime.

Try WYD today at :

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