EID100: Final Project — The Lean Canvas

EID100: Final Project — The Lean Canvas

By Christina Onyshchenko, Maria Glavincevska, Sagi Cohen, Ryan Bursey, Matthew Roesh.

Source: tappitude

Five Ryerson Students lay out the lean canvas methodology by answering four key questions: What is the Lean Canvas? Why is the Lean Canvas used for a Traditional Business plan? Where does the Lean Canvas comes from? And Why is the Lean Canvas so successful? They go over the nine steps of the Lean Canvas that are fundamental for entrepreneurs to create a successful business with an abundance of fortune. This video goes into depth about how the Lean Canvas focuses on problems, solutions, key metrics and unfair advantages.


Drone Footage: Visit Toronto, Views of Our Beautiful City & Top Things to Do in Toronto By Travellers from the six https://goo.gl/AxYY9S (I received personal permission from the owner to use this video)

People Writing: Free stock video — business meeting By VeleBeat https://goo.gl/SUyruW

Lean Canvas Presentation: 12 Lean Startup Problems & Customer Segments by Alvaro Alcocer https://goo.gl/SQq43w

Workspace by Free HD Stock Footage https://goo.gl/zJcG8i

Business People Footage: Asia Chinese Innovation In Business Package (Stock Footage) By Videohive After Effects & Premiere Pro Templates https://goo.gl/gnohjw

Music: My Go Away Dream by Not the Kings https://goo.gl/hiwt1Q

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