ERC721 TokenPool

TokenPool is TokenContainer with 4 level pool structure:

Level     Container / Member
0 SuperPool
1 |_____.Pool
2 |_____.SubPool
3 |_____.Token

The pool schema described by the following structure:

struct Pool {
uint8 level; // Pool level: 0,1,2,3
uint256 maxNumber; // Maximum number of pools on this lavel
uint256 maxMember; // Maximum number of members for the pool
uint256 number; // Pool number for this level
uint256 last; // NFT ID for last availible pool (with member capacity)
uint256 share; // Pool share from token investment

Use insertPool method to insert token in the pool structure:

function insertPool(uint256 _id) public returns(bool);

This function calls _insertPool to insert the token and if needed also insert new pool in the structure:

function _insertPool(uint256 _id, uint8 _level) internal returns (bool);

After the token is inserted in the pool structure the function insertPool calls the value distribution function:

function _distributeValue(uint256 _id) internal returns (bool);

than distrubutes the token value between SuperPool, Pool and SubPool based on Pool.share. The rest of the token value after the pool distribution will go to commission. Use the following methods to get collected commission and current pool values:

function getComission() public view returns(uint256 commission);
function getDistribution() public view returns(uint256[4] distribution)

The last function returns the following values:

distribution[0];         // Super Pool Value
distribution[1]; // Pool Value
distribution[2]; // SubPool Value
distribution[3]; // Tokens Value (must be 0)

To pay value the smart contract uses the following function:

function _payValue(uint256 _id, uint256 _value) internal returns(uint256[4] distribution);

__payValue returns distribution for the payment based on the same structure as getDistribution but in this case only one array element can have non zero value equal to _value. For example, if Pool has made a payment then distribution[1] == _value and the rest of distribution[0,2,3] == 0. If all elements have zero value then payment is not successful and all pool does not have enough value to pay requested amount. In this case _payValue emits SecondTierCall event. If the payment went through then event PaymentValue was emited:

event PaymentValue(uint256 id, uint256 value, uint8 level);

and it will return the pool level that has made the payment, in our example it will be level == 1.

Author: Pawan Kumar

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