ETHLend at Expert Forum on Digitization, Helsinki

ETHLend at Expert Forum on Digitization, Helsinki

This event is part of a series of Expert Forums organised around Europe on topical matters and challenges facing the European Union. This forum will focus on digitization and specifically on the future of the Digital Single Market, governance of innovative technologies and the protection of individual and societal rights in the digital era. Anastasija will be presenting the blockchain and crypto industry with the support of the Vilnius Blockchain Centre that is helping to boost innovations across Europe.

Anastasija will participate alongside other experts on the panel discussion “Governing Innovative Technologies: The Road Ahead” and share the floor with representatives of Mastercard and the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation of Finland. These industry experts will discuss emerging challenges that preventing innovations facing AI, decentralized platforms, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. How can Europe manage this new environment as well as making the market competitive and protect consumers at the same time?

Other panels will cover the Digital Single Market and how EU can secure its position as a digital leader, while competing for the best talents with the USA and China. There will be an interesting discussion on how big data, social media, wearable tech and IoT are re-shaping our daily lives. The panel will also discuss the current issues within the data protection and cyber-security.

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Author: Pawan Kumar

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