Fix Blue Screen Error on windows 10 — 2018

Fix Blue Screen Error on windows 10 — 2018

Blue Screen Error on windows 10

Did you experienced windows 10 Blue Screen of Death ( BSOD) error while start your PC? Or Windows frequently restart with different BSOD error like (HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAID, PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGE_AREA, CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED or BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO)
Here complete solutions to fix different Blue Screen errors on Windows 10 Laptop, PC with Tips to prevent feature BSOD errors.

A Blue Screen of Death is usually hardware or driver related problem, Mostly occur When Windows detects a malfunction in the system memory or drivers, it crashes itself and displays this BSOD error message. Which indicates that Windows has a serious issue which needs to be addressed immediately.

How To Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death Error

Sometimes after simple restart windows start normally( perform solutions below to avoid this error in the feature ), But for some others, the blue Screen occurs frequently at startup. That cause you need to Boot windows into safe mode. Where windows start with minimum system requirements and allow you to perform troubleshooting steps.

Perform Startup repair ( if unable to boot into safe mode )

If you are getting Blue screen error Frequently at startup and didn’t allow to start windows into safe mode also that cause first you need to perform startup repair which diagnostic and fix if any startup program causing issue to windows start normally or Safe mode. So we recommend performing Startup repair first if windows fail to start into safe mode.

Perform Startup Repair

You need to access advanced options window where you will get the startup repair option. To do this Insert the installation media To your PC and Boot from it ( If you don’t have an installation media then create one following link.)

Access BIOS setup by press Del key. Now move to boot tab and change the first boot your installation media ( CD/DVD or Removable Device ). Press F10 to save this will Restart windows press any key to boot from installation media.

First Set the language preference, click next and click on repair Computer option. On next screen, Select Troubleshoot -> Advanced options and click on Startup repair.

Check for Virus/Malware infection

One of the causes of BSOD showing upon your Windows 10 PC is data corruption. Other than regular scenarios, the data on your computer might get corrupt due to some malware.

So, if you experience blue screen in Windows 10 more than what you can call usual, you should use best antivirus software to do a full scan of your system. Windows Defender, the default antivirus in Windows 10 can also be a good option to scan your system and repair blue screen.

Disable Fast Startup Feature

A number of Windows users report on Microsoft forum / Reddit Disable Fast Startup Feature Fix Most of the blue Screen Error For them. Fast Startup ( hybrid Shutdown Feature ) Which Reduce the startup time and make windows start faster. But Some Times fast Startup feature Cause different Problems. So We recommend just disable The Fast startup Feature to prevent feature BSOD error on windows 10.

To Disable Fast Startup Feature open Control panel change, change View by to Large Icon and click on power options. Next click on Choose What the Power Buttons Do and click on Change Settings that are Currently Unavailable. Here uncheck Turn on Fast Startup option ( recommended ) to disable Fast Startup Feature.

Re-install / Rollback Device Drivers (especially display/Graphics driver)

An inaccurately installed or defected driver can lead to system crashes. Download the latest drivers from your PC manufacturer’s website and install them — this may solve BSODs caused by driver issues.

Also If you notice after a recent driver update the problem started then you can perform roll back driver option to revert current driver to the previous version.

Update driver

To update / reinstall device driver ( for ex Display /graphics driver ) open Device manager ( Press Windows + R, type devmgmt.msc and ok ). Then expend display adapter, right click on installed display driver right click and select update. follow on screen instructions to let windows search and install latest driver on your computer. ( if you are in safe mode you may be not connected to the internet, where windows unable to do download latest driver form update database ). continue Reading………..

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