JavaScript News and Updates (March 2019)

JavaScript News and Updates (March 2019)

This time we have plenty of DHTMLX news for you! March has been quite fruitful for us and we’re glad to share our latest updates and developments.

New Open-Source Tools

Working on the export and import abilities of our JavaScript spreadsheet led us to build our own libraries responsible for converting Excel files into different formats. At first, we developed two converters for Excel to JSON and JSON to Excel. These tools enable end users to import their Excel files into our spreadsheet and export data from the spreadsheet to Excel.

Surely, you can use our new libraries for your own projects, both commercial and non-commercial, as they are available on GitHub under the MIT license:

However, we didn’t stop at that. We decided to create a simple and efficient tool, which can be used outside of our own products for the fast generation of HTML tables from Excel files — Excel2Table. Such a tool allows developers to easily build Excel file viewers and display Excel sheets on websites exactly the way they look like. All styles and formatting of Excel files are saved in HTML. Besides, after you got your data converted, you can customize its appearance further using CSS.

Convert your Excel to HTML

All three open-source widgets were built on the basis of Rust and WebAssembly. That’s why our converters have an advantage of extremely quick performance and secure data processing.

New Update of JavaScript Spreadsheet

Apart from the export and import of Excel files, the latest update 3.1 of dhtmlxSpreadsheet rolled out another useful functionality. First of all, it’s number formatting, which includes 3 default formats: currency, number, and percent. But you can easily create your own custom formats to meet your needs.

dhtmlxSpreadsheet with Custom Formats

Besides, Spreadsheet 3.1 made it possible to automatically fill cells with values. For example, create sequences of odd or even numbers and of numbers combined with letters:

dhtmlxSpreadsheet with auto filling of cells

Gantt for Salesforce Apps

Another piece of good news is the compatibility of our JavaScript Gantt chart with Salesforce. Our developers created a live demo, which shows how to initialize Gantt in Salesforce in a couple of simple steps. After the initialization, you can work with Gantt and equip it with all the available functionality you need like critical path calculation, milestones, baselines, deadlines, auto scheduling, what not. Read more in our blog post >

Gantt chart for Salesforce project management apps

Updated Tutorials for Gantt with Angular and React

After the latest improvements in dhtmlxGantt, which involved the update of TypeScript definitions and the dataProcessor module, we reviewed our tutorials devoted to the usage of Gantt with Angular and Gantt with React. Now the tutorials contain the most actual information on the integration of dhtmlxGantt with the latest versions of the two popular frameworks.

Stay tuned for the future updates!

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