JSDoc. JavaScript: The Useful Parts

JSDoc. JavaScript: The Useful Parts

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JSDoc 3 is an API documentation generator for JavaScript, similar to Javadoc or phpDocumentor. You add documentation comments directly to your source code, right alongside the code itself.

I use JSDoc more than 4 years and found it only from the positive side. Documentation is important to have in a project. It helps you to save time for remembering, teaching newcomers, support. The project may have different types of documentation. As an engineer, the important part of the documentation is code documentation and JSDoc solves that problem as well.

Simple example

From the simple example, you may simply and fast understand what parameter’s types are function takes. You should not look inside the function for that. More often functions, methods are more complicated and it takes time to jump into the function and see what parameter’s types are.

Good example

Here you may find detailed documentation for a module. Just try to go through and if you do not understand what the module does we may have a call ☎️


Type annotations

One of the most powerful features that I like in JSDoc is types checking. It works perfectly in WebStorm. It won’t replace a TypeScript but after you get used to writing JSDoc you will stop be worrying about types and most important you are not needed to waste time on any configuration part.

So, here you may see that WebStorm highlights which argument is not fitting assignable type. It helps to avoid bugs with types and most importantly save time.

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