My macOS Window Manager Setup

You will need:

The package manager Homebrew:

The window manager chunkwm:

brew tap crisidev/homebrew-chunkwm
brew install chunkwm

The keyboard daemon skhd:

brew install koekishiya/formulae/skhd

Configs for chunkwm & skhd. Here are mine 🙂

Save this as .skhdrc in your home directory:]

Save this as .chunkwmrc in your home directory:

N.b: For High Serria you need to run chmod +x ~/.chunkwmrc

And you are ready to start!


brew services start chunkwm

This will prompt you to enable chunkwm access to the Accessibility Access control in System Preferences. Enable that Then;

brew services start skhd

And hey presto, window manager with keyboard shortcuts working.

Try opening a few apps and use;

Alt + H to move left

Alt + L to move right

Alt + J to move down

Alt + K to move up

You can resize the currently selected window by typing

Alt + F to full screen it

Alt + T to move it to the center of the screen

Alt + A to make the apps on your screen fill up the entire window space

N.b if you work with Apple apps, they tend to take up too much screen room, this* application helps fit everything in one screen (I set my res to 2560 * 1600)


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