Practice Your Interviewing Skills

Practice Your Interviewing Skills

Even the best engineers struggle to pass technical interviews. For many, the biggest challenge isn’t the coding question, but rather staying focused while solving a problem out loud and under time pressure in front of an interviewer.

As the world’s largest platform for practicing live data structures and algorithms interviews, Pramp now supports system design and frontend interviews.

System Design Interviews

Many consider system design interviews to be the most challenging interview to take (and give) due to the open-ended nature of system design questions.

Make sure you are prepared to ace it by knowing how to define the architecture, components, data, interfaces, and modules for a system to satisfy specific requirements.

Frontend Interviews

While most software developer interviews generally focus on DS&A, frontend job interviews focus on in-depth domain expertise on subjects such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Practice all the elements of such an interview; from DOM manipulation to UX implementation, with a peer on Pramp.

Data Structures & Algorithms Interviews

Practicing DS&A interviews will enable you to answer the most common questions asked in technical interviews.

Make sure you are familiar with lists, arrays, stacks, trees, sorting and searching, priority queues, pattern matching, hashing, and more by practicing DS&A mock interviews on Pramp.

Use this link to enjoy unlimited interview credits ↓

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