Remove your friend from your picture in 4 not-so-easy steps

Remove your friend from your picture in 4 not-so-easy steps

This tutorial will cover how to delete an unwanted photo-bomber from your photo. This is not a basic skill to be able to achieve through Photoshop, it takes a variety of skills that can be learned through my first two posts on the selection tool and the cloning tool. Make sure to read up on those walk-throughs before continuing. There are multiple ways to remove someone from your photo, one is photo compression, for which both sides of whom you are removing are compressed inwards. Although effective, this tactic can’t be used in photos with significant details, such that both sides won’t add up without the middle. My personal preference is taking a step-by-step approach, for which I’ll explain today.

Step 1: Select whom you wish to remove from the photo and simply delete them. I like to highlight the are for which I need to replace, in order to facilitate visualizing the next steps.

Step 2: Now that my good friend is removed I need to replace that space. I can either copy the background over, which would e extremely difficult as the removed individual is in a primary focal point and the photo would not look realistic as to the spacing between members of the photo. Or, I can replace the empty space with something else / someone else. Before I do anything, I want to assure that big cheque will not be affected when replacing the empty space around it. To do so, I will select the cheque and isolate it as its own layer.

My plan is to move the individual on the right to empty space. NOTE, before I move him over I need to save him as another layer, or else filling in the remaining space will be an significantly more challenging. Easiest/quickest way to do so (without having two versions of him) is to cut and paste what I had selected.

Step 3: Copying the background. Using the skills learned from the cloning post, I am going to use the clone tool to fill in the gaps. A good practice is to use whatever lines you can as a base and work from there.

Eventually I’ll end up with something similar to what I have above, which does not look realistic in the slightest. As earlier discussed, continuously lower the opacity of the clone tool in order to blend the background together.

You can continue until you have a smooth coherent background, but I’ll stop here for the purposes of this post. Now I have to think, what’s wrong with this picture? Does this look real? The answer is obviously no, why would anyone in their right mind line up for a photo like this, thus my work is not done. I need to repeat my earlier steps and move the tall gentleman on the left to the right.

Layer was horizontally flipped

Final step: Finalize the picture. Just make those final tweaks, in this case fill in the white gap, add the “M” in “Connected to what Matters” and make sure the shoes aren’t overlapping and then finally I have a “story” worthy picture.

Evidently more work could be done, but I felt this was sufficient for the educational process.

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