Tactics To Promote Android App In The Market

Tactics To Promote Android App In The Market

When we talk about the smartphone operating systems, then Android ranks first amongst that are available currently in the market. The Android operating system covers more than half of the market all around the world. Therefore, creating apps for Android phone is the safest to make a profit nowadays. Although maximum people prefer to download free apps rather than the paid ones from the Google Play store. But if your app is productive and attractive to look at your competitors in the market then it will surely sell. Below are some important tips for the promotion of your application:

It has always been recommended to the app developers to create an attractive landing page for your application. This will not only help in promoting your app but also it will also help in getting more projects for the company in Android app development. This includes the branding of your page, adding a section of apps screenshots and videos which help other bloggers and reviewers to understand your app in a better way.

1: Offer App Installs in Facebook Ads: One of the best ways to grab lots of installs to your app is by promoting it through Facebook ads. Although this is a paid medium for advertising your app (both Android and iOS) but you can target your customers as per the age, location, mobile OS and many more. For better understanding, it’s better to head over to creating Facebook ads page and grab numerous installations.

2: Submit the app in multiple stores: Are you aware of the fact that Android apps can be submitted to multiple stores? Amongst which Google Play store is the most popular one but still there are much more such as Amazon app store. Below, there are some more popular stores which you can use for your app submission.

3: Complete and Optimize your app: Before submitting your app to the Android app market, just keep a check on the full completion of your app with a good interface. Never make a mistake of submitting a partially completed app. submission of a partial app will lower your user ratings and will ultimately it will result in lower downloads of the application. As it is a well-known fact that the algorithm of Google PlayStore market takes your app higher if the user ratings are good at an initial stage.

4: App Promotion through reviews: No one in this market will get your app unless you promote it. Hence the marketing of the Android application is another important task. Another best way to market your app is by sharing the reviews and contents. There are few popular review sites that offer free reviews and even the paid reviews. If you are targeting the Android users then you can try few as www.androidtapp.com or www.pcworld.com or any other sites that can fit your budget well. Few options:

• AndroidCentral (Free, But Difficult)
• AndroidPolice (Paid)
• Appbrain.com (Paid)
• MobileStartupz (Free)

5: Usage of Social Media: Sometimes, you can find social media to be the most useful tactics for promotion. Submit your app to StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc, where your app can get better attention from the target customers and can gather some better downloads. There’s is Reddit Android sections so, utilize that function well and submit your app to Android Reddit section.

6: Submission of App in Product Hunt: Producthunt is a social sharing website where you can submit your app and interesting websites and people will vote for it. If you have any interesting Android app, get it submitted on Producthunt and if people like it and hits the homepage of your applications not only you can gather maximum downloads but it can even get the maximum coverage due to its popularity of this platform.
As per our knowledge and understand, we have gathered these few points on app promotion and its marketing techniques, if you have something else to share and let us know in the comment section below. https://goo.gl/MhVtRT

Author: Pawan Kumar

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