The Flexibility of Flamelink, a headless CMS for Firebase.

The Flexibility of Flamelink, a headless CMS for Firebase.

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If you’ve used Firebase to build a mobile application or web project before, you’ll know that Firebase is fast and pretty powerful. Firebase has a more robust infrastructure than a number of other developer tools and also possesses a technically superior data structure and API delivery. And with all of the features continually being added, it’s becoming a really versatile tool in a Developer’s arsenal.

Our team LOVES Firebase!

What’s missing, in our opinion, is a helpful user interface to add and manage content. As it stands, Content Managers need to request content changes from Developers of the project, to simply swap out an image, or change a single line of text.

This causes unnecessary interruptions and distractions. Flamelink solves this by effortlessly integrating with Firebase to give Developers and Content Managers a headless CMS to add, manage, and update content on the fly.

If you’ve got 90 seconds to burn, you can check out Flamelink’s Explainer Video:

I’ve also written about Flamelink before. You can read it, here.

So This Flexibility You Speak Of…

Yes! Flamelink Flexibility!

With Flamelink, our team wanted to build a fairly robust solution to help make the lives of Developers (and Content Managers) really easy. We believe that the Flexibility we’ve given Flamelink is going to achieve that in 3 ways.

  1. Frontend Flexibility.
  2. Flexible Content Types
  3. Flexible Users

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