The Next Phase of ‘Knowledge’

The Next Phase of ‘Knowledge’

There are ‘no’ phase transitions.

Phase transition (conservation of a circle). Zero and one. Circumference and diameter.

Physics is on the edge of a technological ‘discovery.’ That is, zero and one is circumference and diameter. Nothing more. Or less.

Meaning, as according to string theory, you need an open string for a closed string. Meaning, every string is both open and closed (circumference and diameter of an uber-present-circle).

Therefore, all the ‘strings’ of ‘characters’ on this page (and ‘others) reduce and expand to one ‘zero’ and one ‘one.’ Again, circumference and diameter.

Where circumference is, from pi’s point of view, diameter. Meaning zero is, always one (and vice versa). Meaning there is no such thing as zero, and-or, one (also known as infinity). Zero and infinity are joined and separated by ‘pi.’

Meaning the ‘constant’ is a ‘variable’ and the ‘variable’ is ‘constant.’ Meaning there is no such thing as a ‘hidden’ variable. Every character is a string, in a string, representing a ‘variable,’ explaining why, and how, we ‘move,’ and, also, why, and how, we ‘think.

To ‘pi’ every zero is a one (if zero, then one) which is the basis for data science. All of it.

Everybody knows this. Impossible not-to-know this.

Meaning, science and mathematics depend on the ‘phase transition.’ Every ‘phase’ and every ‘transition’ is both zero, and-or, one. Meaning, the number ‘two’ (more, correctly, ‘pi’)is the technological dynamic behind every ‘phase’ ‘transition.’

Explaining the information ‘paradox’. And why the horizon never ‘vanishes.’

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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