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Due to the increasing academic pressure, it has become quite essential for the students to avail the necessary assignment help online. However, there’s a catch. Since the demand for assignment help is on the all-time high, it has become easy for some scammers to con the students by promising quality assignment help and ultimately not meeting their requirements. Help4assignment is one such example.

It is not quite clear whether the website is run by the academic experts or a few college students who just wanted to make some money. Surprisingly, the website always pop up among the top assignment help websites on one’s search results, but if you want to learn the real story, you should check out the reviews that are written by the students who have availed services from this website.

As per the help4assignment reviews by the students, the company has failed a number of times to provide with quality support. What they offer is generally below average content that lacks proper research and editing support. Also, some reviews suggest, there are multiple traces of plagiarism, which put the student’s career at risk.

However, the quality of the assignments is not the only issue here. There are a number of other areas that require a lot of improvements.

1. The time of delivery:

Time and again, this particular website has failed to deliver the requested service on time. As per the student reviews, they have a history of delivering the order once the deadline is passed. This does put a black mark on their efficiency. This is something that makes students wonder “Is help4assignment fake?

2. Formatting of the requested paper:

It is quite clear by reading the top assignment help reviews that the website does not have any expert writers on their team. There are several student reviews that point out the fact that the papers that have been delivered to them were poorly formatted and did not comply with the instructed guidelines.

3. The price of the services:

Almost every other review on help4assignment talks about the fact that they charge an unnecessary amount of money for their below average services. Some of the reviews have also pointed out that they have refused to refund the money when they have failed to deliver the assignment on time.

4. The customer support:

Some students have mentioned that the customer support executives have not been very useful in solving their queries. In fact, a lot of students have not been able to reach the customer support team, as nobody responded on the given helpline number. The online chat response does look good from the outside, but it is equally useless.

Well, the only good thing about the website is that it offers a range of services, which is, however, nullified by the incompetent services. For the students who are looking for quality assignment help, it is recommended that they try any other assignment help masters from the internet. And as for the people at, it is high time that you improve your services, or else you are doomed.

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