Top 10 Dev Articles Over the Past Week (April 6 — April 12)

Top 10 Dev Articles Over the Past Week (April 6 — April 12)

Hey, everyone. As the proverb goes: “Consistency is the key to success.” Our goal is to provide you with the most thought-provoking dev articles that have become the buzzword of the last week. So make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy our new weekly digest.

  1. How to think like a programmer — lessons in problem solving. Few people know that despite the technical background and outstanding programming skills, a true developer should have the programmer thinking. If you want to become a good problem-solver, you’ll definitely find this article useful. By Richard Reis.
  2. Learn React.js in 5 minutes Do you believe in miracles? If not, this article, written by Per Harald Borgen, will change your mind. Even if you don’t become a professional in React.js, you won’t find a better source to get a basic understanding of the most important concepts in React.
  3. Node.js can HTTP/2 push! In July of 2108, HTTP/2 was introduced into Node.js 8 and the day of lifting the “experimental” flag is coming. In this article, you’ll find out about Challenges and Opportunities of HTTP/2 Push as well as HTTP/2 Auto-Push. By Node.js Foundation in collaboration with Matteo Collina.
  4. How I stopped worrying and learned to love the JavaScript ecosystem. Are you the type of person, who can’t stand the JavaScript ecosystem? If so, this article is your remedy. Flavio Copes, who is the author of the article, couldn’t even look at JavaScript without having a feeling of anxiety. In this episode, he’ll tell how to get rid of this feeling.
  5. Team Building: The Road to Success. A few days ago we wrote an article that got in Medium Daily Digest! In this episode, we discuss the main strategies of team building that will make your work even more effective! By Max Bessarabov.
  6. Rails 5.2.0 FINAL. Did you know about the major upgrade to the framework in the form of 5.2.0 final? Hurry up and take a look at this article. From Ruby on Rails blog.
  7. So you’re new to coding? Tips on how to maximize your first month on the job. An outstanding article built on a personal experience of Lauren Lee. Having read it, you’ll find out how to maximize and make the most of your time as a newbie.
  8. From Bootcamp to Mastery: A Five Year Journey. Do you want to become a developer? Are you looking for a coding school? If so, you came to the right place. Chris Lee will tell you: “… how we built Launch Schoolover the last 5 years and how our opinions around programming, teaching, and business led us to a Mastery-based pedagogy.”
  9. Android App Release Checklist For The Production Launch. It took you an enormous amount of time to develop your app and now it’s time to release it? How to make sure that your app is ready and you haven’t missed anything? Amit Shekhar will tell you!
  10. Why Flutter Will Change Mobile Development for the Best. This one will especially useful for Android developers. Flutter is a framework for cross-platform native apps. However, why should you use it? Aaron Oertelwill explain you.

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