Upgrade your customer, not your product

Upgrade your customer, not your product

One simple question to ask before building products and features

In the early 2000’s, the market was flooded with MP3 players. Each one differentiating itself by the number of GB’s of music you could store on it.

In 2001, Apple released the iPod, an MP3 player with similar capabilities and features as the rest of the pack. So why was the iPod so much more successful?

Apple didn’t focus on why their MP3 player was better than the rest. They focused on how their product would make customers’ live better.

Let’s pretend you are about to go for a run.

Why would you bring an iPod with you on a long run? Is it because it had 2GB of storage, or is it because you needed to stay motivated along the way?

New technologies are being created each and every day. Products revolving around AR, VR, and the blockchain are some of the hottest topics in technology.

But the truth of the matter is, customers don’t care how your brought is built or what features it has. Customers care about how your product is going improve the situations they find themselves in.

So before you go on to build the next best product or feature, ask yourself and your company this one simple question:

How will this improve the lives of our customers?

This simple question is extremely powerful and can be used by all teams within your organization whether you’re struggling to design the next best feature or marketing a suite of products.

Anyone can apply this way of thinking to thrive in the business world!

If you’re interested in learning what steps you can take to upgrade the lives of your customers, read my next blog post here.

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