Use Simple Imagery to Make Your Designs Look Even Better

Use Simple Imagery to Make Your Designs Look Even Better

In my last blog, I talked about how you can create simple and effective graphics with the basic tools in every editing program. Today, I’ll be talking a bit about how you can add some imagery to really add to your graphic.

Using Images Properly

A stock image or landscape shot will almost always help a graphic or piece of content look better, but they don’t always add anything substantial to your content. You should be using imagery that conveys your message well or enhances the message you are trying to put out. Look at this image for example:

This is the brochure for a business trying to sell their guide services.

In the brochure, the images help convey a sense of adventure, but also a sense of danger. This type of advertising is meant to attract someone who would like to go out exploring but maybe they’ve never gone to a place like this before and want some guidance along the way. Maybe a parent wants to take his family on a cool trip and wants to find some help to make it a smoother trip. The images used convey the beauty of the location as well as the vastness of it.

The point I’m trying to make here is that the images used here look great AND add depth to the ad.

How to Pick an Image

Picking an image can sometimes be tricky. You want something that looks nice but you also want something that’s relevant. Using a picture you took or created yourself is always your best option, but not always a viable option. That’s why stock image sites exist. Personally, I use Adobe Stock, but there are plenty of free websites out there that you can use. The paid options are obviously a bit better, but the free options are nothing to laugh at either. This link shows you a list of pretty good stock websites. I checked them out myself and I definitely approve.

Now the hard part. What are you trying to convey? Are you making a poster for an event? Are you creating a social post advertising a charity? Make sure the image you use identifies with the message in your post. Let’s look at this Coca-Cola ad:

This is obviously an image they took themselves, but it’s a good example of a few things to keep in mind. The biggest thing that might stand out to you is the red. Their main branding colour is red, and they are making you associate the colour red with their brand. You want to be using your brand colours in the image you choose to use. You want to almost condition your followers to know it’s your content before they even see the logo. The next thing you notice is the product being sold is being used in the ad. This may seem obvious but I’ve seen far too many posts where the image is almost irrelevant to the message. The message they are trying to convey is “Buy our product!” and this is the part where they really push that. You want to constantly be selling your product or service or message in everything you put out, even if it’s very subliminally. The last thing you will see is the logo. This part may also seem obvious, but, again, I’ve seen no logo too many times. You want to always associate your brand’s logo with the content you’re putting out. This helps mitigate people stealing your content and also helps improve your branding and keeps it consistent. If you look back up at the PEAK Guide Services brochure, you might notice these same things.

That’s all for today folks! Next time we’ll look at some more technical things, such as how to use certain tools or create certain effects. For now, go make something! Feel free to comment with what you’ve made or message me personally. If you have an questions or requests feel free to ask in the comments.

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