Why WordPress is The Right Choice for Ecommerce Web Development?

Why WordPress is The Right Choice for Ecommerce Web Development?

We do not teach you anything by telling you that products are the most important elements of your E-commerce site. However, we want to emphasize that it is important to update them regularly to reach your sales objectives.

Ecommerce Platforms

So if you have several product variations, do not forget to present them in your online store. Do not worry, with WordPress, the addition of a product and its different versions (colors, sizes, material) is done in two slow motion.

You can even download images for each product variation and display them in a beautiful product gallery.

The main reason why people do not use WordPress as a platform for ecommerce website development is that they were not told that it was possible. Having proven itself as an excellent blog management system, WordPress is increasingly being used for online sales. Let’s see if this is really a good solution.

So, WordPress accounts for more than 60 million sites worldwide and nearly 20% of all global traffic. This is the most popular and completely free content management system with open source. Regular security updates and functionality, as well as a huge variety of themes and additional plug-ins make WordPress an excellent choice for almost any purpose.

Let’s list the main advantages of using WordPress for e-commerce:


An incredible amount of easily editable themes for your online store will allow you to customize the layout and capabilities of your site for any needs.


If someone says that using WordPress plug-ins you can add almost any function to the site, then this person does not deceive you. Various payment services integration with any e-commerce sites are just some of the features provided by WordPress plug-ins.

Summarizing, it is worth noting that nowadays WordPress development can be considered as an optimal solution for small or medium-sized online stores. If your business is developing at a significant pace, then you should choose a more specialized management system, which was created initially with a focus on the needs of e-commerce. Meanwhile, the rapid pace of development of the WordPress platform gives confidence that soon most of the shortcomings of this popular platform will be eliminated by its developers.

WordPress, a platform of choice for your E-commerce site

Do you know that at present, 28% of E-commerce sites are created with WordPress? The fact that WordPress is optimized for SEO is for something. Not to mention the fact that this platform is ultra-practical.

With WordPress, get a higher ranking in search engines

WordPress was originally a platform for creating blog posts, so it was optimized for search engines. This means that you can:

· Add detailed product descriptions and optimized images;

· Use the WordPress blog function to publish content regularly;

· Install SEO plugins to improve the optimization and ranking of your E-commerce site in search engines.

And if you already have a WordPress website, it’s not worth it to hire a developer to customize the features of your e-commerce site.


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